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Section 5. Solid dosage(tablet , capsul,vial) turn-key solution 

We provide end to end  turn-key solution from glanulation to blending, tablet press, capsule filling, vial filling/plugging/capping and secondary packing system with the most cost-effective, stable, and reliable machinery.

  1. Fluid bed granulator  

1. Fluid bed granulator
Fluid bed granulator

2.  Closed combined granulator 

2. Closed combined granulator
Closed combined system granulator

3.  Column bin blender  

3. Column bin blender
bin blender

4.  Vial filling, plugging and capping for sterile product system

4. Vial filling, plugging & capping
vial filling, plugging and capping machine

5.  Tablet press machine

5. Tablet press machine
Tablet press machine

6.  Capsule filler

6. Capsule filler
capsule filler machine

7.  Capsule Printing Machine  

7. Capsule printing machine
capsule printing machine

8.  Bottle counting and packing line for tablet and capsule  

8. Bottle counting & packing machine
bottle counting and filling machine

It includes:

  • High Speed Bottle Unscrambler

  •  Automatic counting machine   

  • Desiccant Inserter  

  • Capper machine  

  • Cap foil inserter

  • Induction cap sealer  

  • Labeling machine

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