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Section 2. Powder and grain handling, filling/packing solution

We provide end to end and turn-key solution on powder /grain handling, mixxing, filling and packing solution in the industry of Food, Nutrition and Grain with the most cost-effective, stable, and reliable machinery.

2: Mixer

(Ribbon, Plough & Paddle Type)

1.  Tipping station and transfer system

1. Tipping & transfer system

Provide turnkey solution and customized design in Powder, Grain and Seansoning handling system, includes:

  1. 25kg bag striping and tipping statation

  2. Big bag tipping station

  3. Equiped with seive, rotary magnet, dosing valve etc base on the custom's product and requirment 

  4. Powder and grain transfer system:

Vaccum system or pressure system, dense phase or lean phase.

  5. Capacity is base custom's requiremnt. 

Tipping station
2. Mixer/Blender

2.  Mixer system for powder, seasoning and food industry

1. Type:

  • Ribbon,

  • Paddle and

  • Plough

2. Application Product: nutrition powder, seasoning, food.

3. Application material : powder or oil.

4. Capacity:from 100L-5000L

5. Mixxing time: from 90sec to 20Mins, depend on different tyoe of product and mixer

6. Turn-key solution and project management.

Paddle and plough mixer
3. Bag filling machine

3.  Bag filling machine

1. Cost-effective Weighing, Forming, Filling and Sealing machine

2. Weigher Type: Auger, multiple weigher head,

2. Application Product: Grain, snack, nutrition powder, seasoning and food.

3. Application material : 

  • Prepared-bag

  • Foil 

4. Bag type:

  • Pillow bag

  • Stand up bag

5. Filling weight: 100g-5000g

6. Speed: 15-75bpm base on the filling product, weight and bag size.

7. Turn-key solution and project management.

Bag type

Virtical forming, filling and sealing

Multiple weighing head filler

Rotary prepared bag weighing, filling and sealing

Rotary  filling machine

Horizontal prepared bag weighing, filling and sealing

Horizontal filling machine
4. Big bag filling machine

4.  25kg and big bag filling  Machine

25kg big bag filler machine
25 kg and big bag filler machine

Many thanks for your enquiry , we will come back to you soon!

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