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Section 3. Cosmetic & skin care turn-key solution

We provide end to end and turn-key solution from emulsifing to tub filling, jar filling, bottle filling, mascara filling and packing in the industry of cosmetic and personal care with most cost-effective, stable, and reliable machinery.

  1. Mixer and Emulsifier system

  1. Capacity: from 5L to 5,000L/batch

  2. The gap between the rotor and the stator is < 0.6mm

  3. The particle size after emulsion :1-3um

  4. Internal /external recirculation

  5. Homogenization head position: bottom or upside

  6. CIP/SIP

  7. Construction material: SS304/SS316

  8. Motorize lift or hydraulic lifter

1. Mixer and emulsifier
Emulsifier machine

2.  Semi-auto filling and capping machine 

2. Semi-auto filling machine
  1. Cost-effective solution for liquid, lotion and cream product

  2. Including electrostatic duster, servo concrolled filling, lid press- ing, servo concrolled capping and bottle removing

  3. It is suitable for liquid, lotion, cream, essential oil and sample Adjustable bottle holders, short time size change

  4. Gripper is adjustable and no need to change

  5. Automatic loading for bottle,wipper, lid and cap are options The filling range can be up to 1000ml

      *Speed depends on container size, viscosity of material and etc

Semi-auto rotary filler Specification
Semi-auto rotary table filling and capping machine
3. Tub filling machine

3.  Tub filling machine

  1. Round or oval tubes in plastic, metal & laminate.

  2. Sealing for special shape are available.

  3. Compact structure, short product change.

  4. Large  tube  feed  box.

  5. Higher quality.

  6. Main specification.

     *Speed depends on tube size, viscosity of material and etc.

Tub filler specification
tub type
Tub filler machine
4. Jar filling machine

4. Jar filling and capping machine 

  1. 16 workstations including automatic cleaning the jar/bottle, filling,  loading wiper or lid,loading cap and pre-tightening, tightening cap,  rejecting defective products.

  2. Puck-in-puck design, reduce cost when size change.

  3. Special patent design: cap screwing by servo technology.

  4. Servo application is available.

  5. Automatic loading, inkjet coding and inspection and automatic down  loading are optional.

  6. main specification:

    * Speed depends on boble size, viscosity of material and etc. 

    ** Special boble can reach up to 400ml.

jar filling machine specification
Jar filling machine

5.  Bottle Filling and Capping machine

5. Bottle filling machine
  1. Automatic cleaning bottle, 6 heads filling, compressing wiper &  capping and de-pucking function.

  2. Puck-in-puck and flexible circular design.

  3. Provide professional filling solutions for different filling. materials by  nozzle design such as internal cutting, external cutting and back  suction as well as the technology of rotating body of bottle for filling​.

  4. Automatic pick bottle, a movable material filling tank, wiper sorting  vibration bowl  cap sorter, inkjet coding and inspection are optional.

     * Speed depends on boble size, viscosity of material and etc. 

BOTTLE filling machine
bottle filler specification

6.  Mascara Filling Machine

6. Mascara filling machine
  1. 12 workstations integrating automatic bottle loading, filling,  wiper ring loading, brush loading and pre-tightening, brush  tightening, as well as product downloading.

  2. Automatic bottle sorting and lifting devise are optional.  However, customer also can select filling mode by  mechanical cam or servo drive.

  3. Provide professional filling solutions for mascara materials  which is high viscosity including heating mixing hopper,  thermal insulation system of piston pump and filling valve,  long and slim back suction nozzle.

    * Speed depends on viscosity of material and etc. 

Mascara filler specification
Mascara filling machine

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